Winter Cocktail – Ultimate Seduction: Illustrative Purposes Only (Source – The Kitchn)

The Ultimate Seduction

Winter Cocktail | May or May Not Remember

As the name suggests, The Ultimate Seduction is a potent winter cocktail. If Red Wine blend with spices wasn’t awesome enough, the potent seduction of Vodka & Lime, makes it a happy sailing trip.. One you may or may not remember.



Red Wine- 60 ml

Vodka- 60 ml

Lime Juice- 10 ml

Sugar Syrup- 10 ml

Cinnamon- 1 stick

Cardamom- 1 pod

Cloves- 2-3 no.

Crushed Ice

Orange Peel, for garnish



  • Recommended Glassware: Collins / Tall Glass
  • Heat the wine along with spices until 1 boil
  • Allow to cool and refrigerate
  • You could make this in larger batches if required
  • In a shaker, combine vodka, lime juice & sugar syrup with ice
  • Shake well & strain into a tall glass filled with crushed ice
  • Top with chilled spiced wine
  • Garnish with an orange peel twist and serve


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Balakrishnan Subramanyan - Vgulp - Beverage Consultant - Profile Pic


And yes, C2H5OH as the ultimate solution. Passionate about creating concoctions & educating people on responsible drinking.

Working as Bangalore operations Head for Vgulp – where you find drink deals @ various drinking holes in the city.

I am a post graduate in Hospitality management with years of experience in the art of cocktail making.


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