A Renowned Chef + Top Indian Food Bloggers + Childhood Memories + Food.  It can mean only 1 thing – Scrumdiddlyumptiously Awesome!!!

It was a pleasure to interact with the amazing food connoisseurs! They were gracious to share their stories and also drool worthy recipes inspired by their childhood!

So, wait no more..  Read the awesome stories and try the even ‘awesomer’ recipes today!  If that is even a word ?!!?.. Who cares 🙂


Food Memory with Friends

Every time I visited my friends or cousins, a different version of Poha would make an appearance to snack on. Now I make my own healthier version with a mix of Oats and Rice Flakes.

From My Kitchen to Yours : Savory Oats Hash – Indian Oats Poha Upma



Food Memory with Friends

I grew up in a small village in India. The times were different and I had very limited discussion about food with my school friends. But if I have to write something, I think it would be the discussion about coconut dosas.

While mom would make different dishes every morning for breakfast, my friends said their breakfast was usually the coconut dosa. Everytime I eat these, I remember those discussions. All of us had coconut trees in abundance in our gardens. So this dish was a crowd favorite.

From My Kitchen to Yours: Coconut Dosa a.k.a Soyi Polo a.k.a Neer Dosa



Food Memory with Friends

One of the easiest & most requested slumber party dessert to my mom was Condensed Milk Pudding. My mom made large batches of these that my friends and I would dig into right after lunch or dinner. These were popular Christmas Puddings at house parties we’d be invited to. They would serve it with homemade cashew praline and all the kids would top up a ridiculous amount of praline, almost as much as the pudding because it was so crunchy, sweet, and delicious.

So condensed milk pudding would always remind me of Kerala, friends, home, my mom, and the carefree childhood of the 80’s where a true treat was not “screen time” but a simple dessert.

From My Kitchen to Yours: Condensed Milk Pudding

It can be customised and served in so many different ways with fruit purees, chocolate, crushed biscuits, praline.  It’s limited only by your imagination. So enjoy!



Food Memory with Friends

One of my best friend’s most favorite food cooked by my mother was Mint and Coconut Rice, which I wasn’t a great fan of as I was not very fond of toothpaste-y taste of the mint. She would beg me to swap our lunch boxes on those days and I was always too happy to oblige. I failed to understand her love for this minty rice dish and found it funny to hear her ooh’s and aah’s with every mouthful.

It took me over a decade to fall in love with this simple and unassuming Mint and Coconut Rice when I was away from home and lived in a hostel where the ‘infamous’ hostel food made me not only appreciate Amma’s home cooking but also cherish them for their simplicity and flavor.

I believe that good food has the power to inspire, bring back cherished memories, and create new memories to last lifetime. For me, these simple and homely recipes are the ones which are embedded in my taste memory than the recipes and dishes of great restaurants!
From My Kitchen to Yours: Mint and Coconut Rice

Each time I put a morsel of this Mint and Coconut Rice in my mouth, I find myself walking down the memory lane; to my school days and sharing food with my friends.



Food Memory with Friends

‘Diwali time’-festival of lights and sweets. I was my mom’s little elf helping her roll the ‘chotu’ spheres of besan ke laddoos (my fave!). I used to arrange these in a container to be had/ distributed later.

Some days later, most of our relatives and friends got back to my mom saying that there were odd holes in the laddoos and got them to show them to her. Indeed, holes there were. With sheepish eyes I stood in front of all and admitted eating all the raisins that decorated the laddoos. Giggles and laughter, spreads love among all!!

From My Kitchen to Yours: Spinach, Baby Fenugreek & Scallion Salad

My childhood as a Mumbaikar went living by the sea. Most of our fun time was spent on the beach. Here small patches of fresh leafy baby fenugreek were grown. My mom used to make this salad which was my all-time fave. It does bring all my childhood memories whenever we make it at home


  • 1 bunch fresh spinach
  • ½ bunch scallions [chopped]
  • 200 gms fenugreek [methi] baby sprouts
  • Juice of 1 lemon
  • 1 tomato [diced]
  • ½ tblsp olive oil
  • Pepper to taste

Wash the spinach and the fenugreek sprouts well in water 2 times separately. Drain and rough chop both. Add the scallions, tomatoes, lemon juice, oil and the crushed pepper.



 Food Memory with Friends

I grew up in calm & serene Mysore. I come from a middle class family & I wasn’t given any pocket money. So eating out with friends was entirely ruled out. I remember chatting, chuckling & cooking with my besties over homemade pakoras, bondas, churmuri or once in a while, ice cream.

I am thankful & will always cherish the simple pleasures of my home, family & friends. So even today we follow the same tradition. I wouldn’t have it any other way!

From My Kitchen to Yours: ALOo Bhajiyas

Chat & Chuckle over these good old crispy, spicy, thinly sliced ALOo Bhajiyas!



Food Memory with Friends

I think my favorite food memory is skipping tuitions to go have street chinese with my friends. We loved chinese at this small hole in the wall kind of a place in Raipur, and would go have some any chance we got. Sometimes the craving was so strong that we would skip tuitions just to go have some noodles and manchurian

From My Kitchen to Yours: One Pan Manchurian & Noodles

This one pan manchurian and noodles on the blog is probably inspired by my childhood memory of having this dish over and over again! It’s still one of my favorites and although we end up going to far better Asian joints in town, I still crave street style chinese sometimes!





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