Introducing the “Ultimate Guide to Black & White Maternity Photoshoot”. This 8 part series includes:

  1. Guide to Belly Shots
  2. Guide to Family Shots
  3. Guide to Glamour Shots
  4. Guide to Abstract Shots
  5. Guide to Shadows & Silhouettes
  6. Guide to Just Me Moments
  7. Tips for the Perfect B&W Maternity Shot
  8. Black & White: Color of the Soul

I hope this guide ‘Inspires all the Mommy-To-Be’s’ & brings back ‘Beautiful Memories for the Already Mommies’ 🙂


Ultimate Guide To Black & White Maternity Photoshoot

Presenting the Top Tips for Maternity Photoshoot. These top 15 guides for shooting that Perfect Black & White Maternity Snap. Infact these tips can be used for every type of maternity photoshoot. If I have summarize it in 1 line, would be “Connect. Have Fun. Capture Beautiful Memory”!



Source: Henna Oasis

  • The memories are for YOU & your family to cherish
  • It’s absolutely fine if you don’t want to do a maternity photoshoot. The only difference is that the memories are etched in your mind 🙂 That’s totally normal
  • You should define the photoshoot & not the other way around
  • The goal is not to make the photoshoot Facebook or Instagram ready!
  • Remember, no pressure. Have Fun!



Source: Lulu & Petunia

  • Plan between 28 – 34 week of pregnancy, when the bump is round & photoready 🙂
  • Don’t plan your photoshoot too early on. The belly may not be very noticeable
  • Or plan too late. It would be quite uncomfortable for you to move around or pose
  • But again, everyone’s pregnancy is different. So, know these golden rules above. But you are the best judge!
  • If you want to chronicle your pregnancy journey and looking for timeline photographs, then you need to plan as soon as you hear the awesome news!



Source: AmandaGriffinJacob

  • What memory do you & your family want to capture?
  • What memory do want to share with your child?
  • Start from there
  • Have a fair idea of ‘THE STORY’ in mind before you meet your photographer
  • Don’t worry about the poses at this stage



Source: Iris Creations Photography

  • Remember that Black & White is just a medium
  • Build the story & the rest will follow
  • Not all photographs are meant to be Black & White. Don’t force fit



Source: Pinterest

  • Start skimming through photographer profiles to choose a style you like & connect with
  • Everyone has a unique style. Embrace your choice & work around it
  • The choice also depends on the budget, availability, location, etc
  • It’s better to start this process early on, to avoid disappointment
  • Incase you want to keep this informal, choose a friend or family who has a fair idea of photography. Try a few shots, experiment



Source: Belle Boudoir

  • In order to capture the best memories, it’s important to familiarize yourself with your photographer
  • There needs to be sense of comfort & trust with the photographer
  • I am not asking to be their best friend (if it is, then awesome!). But there needs to be a sense of comfort. For this, you need to just go with your instincts!
  • If you are getting family shots, get them to also meet & get comfortable with the photographer
  • If you are at ease, that’s already a big battle won!



Source: Tumblr

  • Once you have shortlisted the photographer, spend time describing your story narrative
  • Show examples of shots you connect with
  • Then, allow the expert to use their creative freedom & expertise to do their job
  • Do have a conversation & provide feedback – it is required!
  • However, don’t micro manage the process
  • Trust them to do their job. Remember, you hired a photographer, because you needed an expert
  • It will grossly affect the outcome of this project, if you don’t



Source: 100CakeLayerlet

  • Build the storyboard with your photographer
  • IMPORTANT: Scout & choose indoor & outdoor locales with the photographers
  • It is essential that they know the medium to work with
  • Decide on the wardrobes, props, time schedule, etc
  • Depending on the storyboard, choose to comfortably pace the photoshoot
  • You don’t need to finish the project in 1 day
  • If family members are involved, decide the schedule based on their availability
  • If kids are a part of the project, ensure they ain’t cranky. Avoid shooting during nap or hunger times
  • If you want to chronicle candid shots, allow the photographer to follow your life for a day. You will be amazed at the result!



Source: Vladimir Zotov

  • Natural light works best for Black & White shots
  • Early morning or early evening time slots are the magic hours. Try to utilize this to the maximum
  • Be aware of the weather conditions to plan your maternity photoshoot
  • For some shoots, you might need to use studio lights
  • Keep white sheer screens handy at home. Would be important to create diffused lights


Source: 100CakeLayerlet

  • For Black & White shoots, try wearing solid patterns of clothing
  • Avoid wearing solid Black & white clothes. Although, for a few styles, black & white would be needed
  • Varied solid color clothing provide very interesting contrasts in Black & White. It provides very interesting depth & contrast to the images
  • For eg: yellow, blue, red will have varied gray profiles and contrasts in Black & White.
  • Avoid complex patterns on clothing – like hard stripes, dots, etc. It creates a visual distortion in the images
  • Incase you do wear patterns, you could experiment with subtle textures & patterns  as on lace, knits, etc.



Source: Pexels

  • To photograph the belly profiles, choose a comfortable, tight & stretchy piece of clothing
  • Go on, splurge a bit on your lingerie. Feel beautiful & gear up for glamorous shots! You don’t need to wear granny pants, just coz you are pregnant
  • Try flowing long dresses for a more dreamy capture
  • Keep a few regular dresses, tank tops, etc handy
  • If you have any specific talents like dance, martial arts, etc., gear up on those
  • When shooting with family, choose a complementing color scheme



Source: Belle Boudoir

  • Look beautiful & feel beautiful
  • A good nights rest is a must, before the shoot
  • Go to a spa. Do your nails.
  • Get a good makeover done. Look a million bucks! It’s not just for the wedding.
  • If exhausted, feel free to rest in between shots. Pace it. There’s no race!



Source: Lulu & Petunia

  • Keep a few sheer drapes to diffuse the lights
  • A few satin drapes help in a glamorous look
  • If you have the baby room in place, you could most of those as props
  • If your mom has stored your baby stuff, use them. It’s gonna be one beautiful memory!
  • It’s fine to go quirk
  • The photographer generally carries most of the props with them
  • It is wise to discuss earlier on a color scheme and types of props
  • Avoid clutter & too much noise in the background. The beauty of Black & White lies in simplicity



Source: Belle Boudoir

  • Trust the expert !
  • You are not doing a model shoot. It’s a MOM shoot. So relax.
  • It’s OK to be shy. It brings about the best photographs
  • Try to get your spouse comfortable. Have a conversation. Ease in
  • Kids can be shy around a camera. Give them space & a natural environment. Play. Have Fun
  • Don’t try to be a picture. Be yourself. That’s the best capture
  • If you are not comfortable with the shot, it’s fine. let it be. You don’t have to go for all in the books
  • Experiment!



Source: The Little Umbrella


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