Ring In A Magical Birthday With An Amazing Harry Potter Cake

Harry Potter Cake

Joonie Tan | 180 Degree Celcius

Magic is the strongest on birthdays!  So, why not say happy birthday in true with wave of a wand and a Hogwarts Cake from Joonie Tan?

Spring a birthday surprise with this Potter-inspired Hogwarts cake.

This cake is so perfect for a Hogwarts-themed birthday party that we can’t wait to plan a birthday do around it. We would complete it with burgundy and gold, broomsticks, Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Beans and butterbeer. Joonie and 180 Degree Celsius are definitely invited, along with the cake!


  • The Hogwarts crest, the insignia of a true student of wizardry
  • The special muffler in the Gryffindor colours, with the birthday kid’s name on it
  • The sorting hat is right there, marking your child’s entry into the Hogwarts universe
  • And topping the cake is a golden snitch, because every Hogwarts kid knows how important Quidditch is for the house points
  • And of course, Hogwarts favourite student, Harry Potter, makes his presence felt with his round black glasses at the edge of the cake


By 180 Degrees Celcius


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