You are having a couple of friends over dinner. You are looking to put together a decor that speaks you care.. yet not over the top.

Guests or No guests, fresh floral arrangement is always the answer !

Personally for me, there is something very appealing about a very organic, free flowing, an almost wild arrangement of flowers. I find them more interesting than the perfectly arranged display.

Ofcourse, the boutique floral arrangements have their space. But for an intimate gathering, I would be a free flower child – any day!

So for this DIY, I have chosen an organic fall of the most amazing Aster flowers!



I love the beautiful array of colour combinations of the Aster flowers. These daisy-like beauties are easy to set up, perennial, long stemmed, lasts awhile – what’s not to love!

So, for this arrangement, I have gone with a combination of purplish pink Asters. I would recommend choosing a color scheme keeping your surroundings in mind. You can never go wrong with white.

However, do play around with the vivacious colors that Aster has to offer!

Tip: Carefully remove Asters from the packaging, cut an inch of the stem ends at an angle and store it in a water bucket. Avoid direct sunlight.




This is a very important step when you are planning your floral arrangement. The availability & choice of flowers & vases go hand in hand when deciding what to create.

For this arrangement, I have used a clear vase, since I would like the the movement of the floral decor to be visible.

Also, I have chosen a long vase, to support the long stems. The mouth of the vase is wide enough to allow the flower bunch to lounge around gracefully.

Tip: Ensure the vase is wiped clean after the water has been filled. Why? Coz, the beauty always lies in details 🙂




Now comes the fun part. Have fun creating a flow with the Asters. I didn’t trim too much of the stalk ends, as I wanted the movement.

I created a bunch of Asters and carelessly laid them against the rim of the vase. This automatically creates a beautiful movement of the flowers.

Once you have done that, move back and take a look from the front, top & side view. Do you like what you see? You can play around the fringes of flowers and finalize it.

Tip: Be delicate while playing around with the arrangement. Don’t mess around too much. Remember, the beauty is in the imperfection.




Ensure that the background drapes, furniture, etc complement the floral arrangement.

I placed the vase on a white table. I ensured the leaning front of the flowers faced the window and the sun. This small touch gave the arrangement a whole new meaning.

I was already romanticizing and framing a story in my head!

So, yea.. most importantly, no 2 arrangements may look the same. That’s fine & that’s the beauty of it!

Happy “DO & DIY (read Die)” ing 😉


What did you think of this floral arrangement? Did you like it? Would love to see your amazing creations. Please do share. 



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