This floral arrangement is in continuation of the wild Aster floral DIY that I posted last week.



This time around, I have included a combination of 2 colours. First is a purplish pink Aster. And the other, a white Aster with a beautiful peeking deep mauve shade.

I have included the basic tips of handling Aster flowers in my previous article. Read here

Tip: Incase you are trying to figure out a colour combination, you can never go wrong with the various hues in the same colour family. They will always complement each other well.



The gorgeous Asters with deep purple centres ombreing towards white form the core. The single toned purple Aster rays beautifully encase this sunshine arrangement.

I first bunched up the white flowers into a tight bunch. And then, I assembled the purple Asters , one at a time around the white flowers.

Since I wanted to retain the wild organic arrangement of the flowers, it didn’t aim for perfection.

When you are convinced of a fair arrangement, place it in a wide large clear vase. In this case, a white vase will also work very well.



Once you have placed it in the vase, add or modify the flowers to suit the final shape of the arrangement.

I prefered it more against the white background, away from all distractions and focus just on the beautiful flowers.

Tip: To ensure the plants last longer, nip the stem ends at an angle. Keep nipping small stem lengths, to ensure that the flowers stay fresh longer. And keep changing the water regularly.




As they say, ‘Keep Your Face to the Sunshine & You Cannot See a Shadow!’.

However, you definitely can see rejoice & absorb the various hues of sunshine!

Happy “DO & DIY” ing 🙂


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