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This Friendship Day, I traveled all around Bangalore – from Whitefield to Electronic City to Magadi Road.. And this was one of the BEST DAYS ever! Am I Cuckoooo??!!? And I was a Dabbawali that day.. Ok, now certified Cuckoo?!?

Not at all! I had the best time celebrating #dabbadost with awesome people! Reliving my lovely day.. Read On..


Sindhuri, Loksundeep & Srikanth

Sindhuri messaged me from the US. She told me that she & her husband (Loksundeep) wanted to surprise their #dabbadost from engineering days – Srikanth. She mentioned that they used to share & enjoy Lemon Rice together.

So, I packed up Lemon Rice for this #dabbadost, wary if the taste will bring back the old times. By the time I reached his house on Friendship Day, it was around noon. Even though it was 2am (in the US), Sindhuri and Loksundeep were awake & waiting.. on Skype!

A reticent Srikanth answered the door. As soon as I explained why I was there, I could hear excited shouts from the computer. It was Sindhuri & Loksundeep 🙂 It was a beautiful experience just being there! Srikanth lovingly opened the dabba and very readily agreed to pose for the snaps and even fed his beautiful wife.

Truly Scrumdiddlyumptiously Awesome Moment! Check out what Sindhuri had to say about her #dabbadost experience!


Shefali & Puneeti

Shefali was the first to send me the #dabbadost request. She lives in Delhi and wanted to surprise her dear friend Puneeti, in Bangalore. Veg Noodles was their favourite food! I didn’t want to ruin this food experience by cooking it. So packed up an “authentic” Indo-Chinese Noodles for her- Just the way we like it 🙂

A friendly but totally confused Puneeti answered her door!  She had the most beautiful smile when I told her she has a gift from Shefali. She was so lively, chirpy & welcoming. When I started clicking the snaps, she was so willing to be re-surprised for the snaps. And then very innocently, she said don’t put it on the web. I am not dressed up! But hey, I think she looks beautiful. What say?

She and her lovely sons, sat by each other and enjoyed the noodles!

Truly Scrumdiddlyumptiously Awesome Moment! Check out what Shefali had to say about her #dabbadost experience!



Sonam & Pragati

Last, but not the least!.. I chatted with a very enterprising Sonam! She wanted to surprise her classmate from Hyderabad – Pragati. They bonded over Chai & Rusk! I must admit, I found this one a tad challenging, as I wanted to deliver Garam Chai!

I stopped by a Chai store near Pragati’s house and carefully held it until I reached her house! She, her husband and a really cute baby welcomed me! Pragati was soo surprised, she didn’t know whether to hold the baby or the chai or the dabba. When we were shooting the snaps, the baby also posed with the cutest smile 🙂 My day was made.

Sonam was mentioning that later, Pragati sat by herself smiling and relishing the Chai!

Truly Scrumdiddlyumptiously Awesome Moment! Check out what Sonam had to say about her #dabbadost experience!



And, It’s a Wrap!.. Just for this Year!

And for me, this summed up my Spirit of Friendship Day! It was truly awesome! There were a few dabba requests for Pune & Delhi. Unfortunately, I had to decline! Sorry about that 🙁

But I promise,  #dabbadost will be back next year with more #dabbadosts, more places & lots of LOVE and MEMORIES!

Till then, Stay Scrumdiddlyumptiously Awesome!


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