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Want to plan a hitch free celebration? Even before the expensive china is out, zero in on your ‘raise the toast’ drink or the main party beverage. It sets the tone for the level of spiffiness of the evening.

Agree with me only half-way?? Then draw this mental picture.

For a dinner, you have pulled out your finest red. Along with that, you busied your head with pairing the right ingredients & crafting out the perfectly matched dishes with it.

Now think of the times you have decided to serve Beer or a Cola in disposable cups. Hasn’t the menu been a quickly whipped out Burger & Fries or Chow Mein from the nearest take-away?



Sparkle With Champagne Party - Stock Photos - Champagne

Around the third week of January we were celebrating the first Birthday of the year.

We decided to go with Moet et Chandon as the chief Drink we would play the evening around. The Champagne we chose was top of the line, as you know.

Once you have scaled up to the finest ingredient, the rest becomes easy. 

The fine-ness of the product pulls everything else to its high standard, as you scuttle about ensuring that you do not drop the ball on any other level.

You do know that Bubbly that hails from the District of Champagne is strictly that elixir of good times – the eponymous drink Champagne; the rest all are Sparkling Wines.

We wanted to do something more fun with the Champagne. So, we decided to mix and swirl and churn up cocktails. We could have gone any way in our choice of fruit – Strawberry, Litchi, Kiwi.



Sparkle With Champagne Party - Stock Photos - Orange

We centered on Oranges that are incidentally filling up the season with their juicy freshness.

Mimosa was the drink of the evening! The freshest OJ complemented the Moet.

Plump oranges were cut in slices & slivers to make the garnish we were ready to pour and savour.



Sparkle With Champagne Party - Stock Photos - Glassware

 The right glassware must allow the wine to breathe & overriding tones to settle down for a great tasting.

Hence, Riedel Champagne Saucers & Tulips were pulled out of the cupboard.

We first eat with our eyes and olfactory senses. Hence we must choose the flatware & serveware appropriately.

  They should enable the dishes to breathe, spread their aroma & beauty onto the adequate space and allow us to take it all in with all our senses.



Sparkle With Champagne Party - Stock Photos - Italian

Since we were doing Mimosas, we decided to keep Italian as the main theme of Dinner.

The only two digressions were the take on the Persian Rice Salad & the Dessert, which just had to be the family recipe of the Apple Pie.

The better half had been demanding it since the onset of lusciously juicy Green Apples on the fruit carts.

The appetizer for the evening was the quintessentially Italian Bruschetta.  Traditionally, Bruschetta is made using cherry tomatoes, sun-dried tomatoes, mozzarella or bocconcini & basil leaves. We made ours with spring onions, full-grown seasonal tomatoes, cheddar and cilantro.

And this time, we lightly sautéed our topping before propping it on the toasted Baguette slices. Since I do not like its taste at all, we did away with Balsamic Vinegar all together.

For the main course we decided on Spaghetti Arrabiata, made al-dente & tossed in the flavorful tomato & basil sauce.  Bathed in an added dash of extra Virgin Olive oil & topped with grated Parmesan, it was a match made in heaven!

My version of the Persian Rice Salad and crispy potato cutlets turned out to be able compatriots of the scrumptious Spaghetti.

Finally, slices of freshly baked Apple Pie topped with Vanilla Custard rounded off our evening.



Sparkle With Champagne Party - Stock Photos - Salut

And yes, we happily started the evening with a toast & kept it flowing through the night.

We savored all the courses and the last strings of music faded out to bring the enchanting celebratory night to a close.





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