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Introducing Joonie Tan from 180 Degree Celsius

Introducing India’s leading Cake Artist Extraordinaire Joonie Tan from 180 Degree Celsius. Other awesome feats include -India’s leading Cake Artist community called ICAN; India’s First Cake Artist Magazine-Sugar; leading masterclasses across India.

More importantly, I adore her nicety and humility.  And she surely does light up celebrations with her masterpieces and her MILLION DOLLAR SMILE!

PS: For all wondering what is ‘Indah’.. It means beautiful in Malay 😉


our Birthday Cake
Naked !



Cook as good as you bake?
TOTALLY !! Ask my BF !


Food you miss
Mom’s home cook food

Teach us a fun word in Malaysian


Your favorite music while working


The equipment you can’t do without
My beloved plastic scrapper


Your most requested cake design

A talent we didn’t know about you
I can cook !


10 years from now
Travelling the world whenever I want , without any financial constraint


You would cross next from your bucket list
Visit Maldives


Featured across 11 Magazines, Newspapers & Blogs in the Same Month!


our journey into the world of cake art. Would love to hear your story

I started my career as a Marketing leader in an esteemed Real Estate Organization in Malaysia. 3 years in, I was promoted as the Marketing Manager – basically life was good 🙂 I came to Hyderabad, India on a 2 year brand training stint from my company.

However, after sometime, I got bored with the paperwork, mundane 9-5pm life. One day, I decided that’s it ! I’m going to do something for myself. Took a short course in Cake Decoration. The rest is history.


You are associated with 180 Degrees Celsius & Lavonne. Elaborate more

I founded 180 Degree Celsius in Malaysia. I was a home baker for almost a year before I moved to Bangalore to join Lavonne. Lavonne is a Premier Academy of Baking Science & Pastry Arts in Bangalore. I head their Cake Decoration Department.

180 Degree Celsius Studio as a subsidiary of Lavonne. My clients can browse through my collections via my 180 Degree Celsius Facebook page.


My Proud Milestone

I was featured in 11 different articles across various leading fashion magazines, newspapers & blogs in the same month !

You run a community called “India’s Cake Artist Network”. There seems to be an exemplary admiration and knowledge sharing among contemporaries. Tell us more

There were lots of baking community of Facebook, but none dedicated to Cake Art Community. There’s how ICAN was born.


You have launched a magazine called “SUGAR”. Elaborate. How can we get access to it

‘SUGAR’ – India’s FIRST Cake Art Magazine is my latest project!  SUGAR is curated by reputed cake artists across the world. It includes everything cake art – from recipes to tutorials to masterpieces! My partners-in-crime & co-editors, are 2 esteemed cake artists – Ashwini Sarabhai from Hyderabad and Maaria Kulsum from Chennai. With 4 other working team ( Niyati, Sivaranjani, Charmaine and Gauri ), we formed Sugar Magazine.

It’s a quarterly edition, available FREE as an e-mag for now. We are in the midst of working to have SUGAR as a print magazine available at a very reasonable price!


Message to the aspiring cake artists

Work with ethics, passions and patience.

 Top 5 Celebration Cake Trends

  1. Naked Cakes
  2. Drip Cakes
  3. Marbled Cakes
  4. Sugar Flower Cakes
  5. Artdeco Cakes


TIPS: Choosing Flavor Combinations

Its all about balancing the flavors. Try to use natural & fresh ingredients. 2 such amazing flavor combinations are

  1. Chocolate & Salted Caramel
  2. Orange & Strawberry


TIPS: A few things that people do wrong when deciding on the cakes. Your advice.

One of the biggest areas that clients need to focus on – SIZE & DESIGN of the cakes. While ordering, the clients often end up with too little or too much cake to serve their guests.

The design is an amalgamation of theme, # of people, size, occasion, culture, flavors & space.  I would definitely recommend the clients to have a theme in mind.

Allow the cake artists to come up with a design that meets your requirements. Conversations are always welcome. However, the more you inhibit the creativity, the results may not be as expected.

TRUST & BELIEVE the expertise that we bring. That’s why you come to us, right?



Certified Scrumdiddlyumptiously Awesome!

Joonie Tan Interview - Buttercream Cake

Joonie Tan Interview - Art Deco Cake

Joonie Tan Interview - Drip Cake

Joonie Tan Interview - Navy Cake

Joonie Tan Interview - Jelly Cake

Joonie Tan Interview - 3D Cake

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