Black & White

Color Of the Soul

In Black & White, You Photograph the Soul!                    -Ted Grant.

The first time I watched Schindler’s List, I was enamored! Long after the movie, I was still so absorbed. I don’t quite remember who I watched it with the first time.

But I remember telling them wow, this movie is just so brilliant. There’s something about this movie , that is so captivating. Back then, I connected with Black & White as a novel concept to depict the era. And nothing beyond it!


I have watched the movie many times over. A couple of years ago, it hit me why the movie was just so amazing. It WAS the Black & White! But this time, I understood that it went beyond just a novel concept. The Black & White delivered the SOUL of the movie.

Have I turned a movie critic ? And, how is it connected with the celebration blog? No & Yes. Kindly bear with me for a bit and you will see the point.


The B&W medium allows us to move away from the distractions & solely capture the emotion. It lends this ethereal, timeless quality to the memory. We are not anymore enamored by the colorscape. It’s absolutely mystical that you can say so much with just the play of highlights, shadows & contrasts.

The most important point to remember here is that not all the photographs are meant to be Black & White. And it most definitely, is not about taking a picture & adding a monochrome preset. Black & White calls for serious talent, more importantly the EYE to capture the soul!

PS: This is not a battle between ‘Color’ OR ‘B&W’! Every medium has its space.


Now coming to celebrations! I feel Black & White medium is grossly under utilized in capturing celebrations of life. I agree celebrations are about color & fun. But we don’t always need COLOR to convey that!

The people & relationships make the celebration a beautiful memory. The creativity in using Black & White medium is mostly restricted to weddings! The magical moments between a shy bride & groom. Ain’t it amazing?

Then, why not a birthday, baby shower, maternity shoot or maybe even just a dinner for two? Don’t these moments also exhibit exuberance? Then why aren’t most of these moments captured in Black & White?

I know.I know.You would say,  for life’s smaller celebrations, we don’t have fancy photographers! It’s an added bonus if you have one. But even if you don’t, you can still capture the soul. If you just scroll above, it reads, all you need is an EYE!


So go ahead. Grab your phone, or your camera. At the next celebration, also focus on the soul moment you would like to capture. Automatically your mind eliminates all distractions and starts processing in Black & White a.k.a Soul Mode!

Don’t shy away! Try it. You will fall in love with it. Forever! I would be super elated, if some of you have been inspired and are looking for the Soul Moment Capture!

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